Lenovo ThinkPad delivers exceptional performance but some of the users are facing a problem with this series. This article covers some of the ThinkPad issues with their solutions.   



Despite the fact Lenovo is leading manufacturer of laptops and notebooks, many of us are facing issues with their Lenovo laptops. Sometimes they require the immediate assistance but couldn’t get that because of reasons like long waiting time or call busy. So not getting the help for their issue on time makes them frustrated.  

In this article of mine, I have covered the issues and fixes of Lenovo ThinkPad T460 Yoga.   

1.    Proper Cooling issue  

It is literally a big issue for modern laptops. Many sellers told customer during buying a laptop that does not place your laptop on the bed and must use a cooling pad. Now today’s laptops are coming with a cooling fan inside.   

2.    System Crash Issue  

This happens when Lenovo ThinkPad T460 Yoga won’t boot up. We go into panic mode when our laptop refuses to boot up. The main problem is a bad sector on the hard drive.   

Solution: Remove those files which are having the bad impact on the system because of this the main reason behind the system crash. Clear this bad sector on your hard drive and prevent your laptop from crash failure situation.  

If you want any type of technical assistance from Lenovo support team, call the Lenovo Phone Number

3.    Cannot connect to any Wireless Network  

People facing this issue in their Lenovo ThinkPad T460 Yoga cannot connect to the Internet and time-out problem occurs while Web browsing.   

Solution: First make sure that Wireless is on and also make sure router’s network name (SSID). As you can carry your laptop anywhere and also expecting that it must be able to connect to any network, whether you are in a coffee shop or in an airport or in any hotel.  

Many laptops come with a switch or separate software settings which enable the wireless connectivity features in them.  Just make sure that your wireless toggle switch is on and you are connected to the right network. This will solve your wireless connectivity issue and will make you happy.   


If you are still facing any trouble with your wireless network, you can get the support on website https://lenovosupport.org/lenovo-technical-support-number/