Looking for support related to your Outlook?  Stuck on the right post as it contains some support related to Outlook! 


Outlook is the product from Microsoft which works as a personal information manager. It is also available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Outlook basically works as an email application but some features are its key points like calendar, task manager, journal, and web browsing. Now the people using Window Phone devices can simply synchronize their Outlook data to their Outlook Mobile. Multiple users can use Outlook in an organization because of its stand-alone application.  


Some issues are mentioned below with their fixes for which users seek immediate assistance- 

1.     Outlook  “Not responding error” 

Sometimes this message occurs and your Outlook got stuck on a screen which displays, “Processing”. When you are trying to open a file or sending an email message but it gets hanged due to some reasons. 

Solution- Simply starts your Outlook in safe mode for fixing this problem. How to start it in safe mode is shown in coming steps: 

•    Firstly, close your Outlook. 

•    Choose one of the following options for launching Outlook in safe mode. 

i.    Choose Start and type Outlook.exe/safe in your Windows 10After that press enter. 

ii.    For doing it in Windows 7, choose Start and type Outlook/safe in the Search programs and files box. Click OK. 

iii.    For Windows 8, open the App menu and choose Run. Type Outlook/safe and choose OK after typing it. 

•    Close your Outlook and open it normally. 

If still facing any trouble in doing that, simply contact the support team by calling our Outlook Support Number 


2.    How to recover deleted items in Outlook for Windows 

Sometimes it happens that you accidentally delete an item which you want to recover later in your Outlook mailbox. Don’t panic! The solution is here! 

Solution- The very first thing you can do is to look the Deleted Items folder. If it is not there then you have to look in the Recoverable item's tool. It is a hidden folder where items are moved. Just click Recover Deleted Items From Server from Home in the Outlook. It will bring back all your deleted files and solve your problem easily.  


Other Support: 

As being one of Microsoft Business subscription member, if you still want any type of technical assistance, you can simply visit the website for help https://lenovosupport.org/lenovo-mobile-customer-service/